Co-operative information

Name of Organisation VISTA co-operative
Location Postal Code 540-0012
No. 310 Otemaekennsetsukaikan, 1-3-27
Tanimachi Chuo-Ku Osaka City
TEL 06-6937-5655
FAX 06-6937-5656 
Director Representative Kaoru Matsui
Director Takayuki Matsui
Keisuke Okita
Auditor Masahiko Yonemoto
Capital JPY2,280,000
Approval Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Kinki Regional Development Bureau
Osaka prefecture (formal Kinki agricultural agency)
Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau

Operations information

  • Goods and materials joint sales business
  • Administrative agency and management guidance business
  • Joint acceptance project for foreign technical interns
  • National expressway, ordinary toll road etc. Toll fare, joint settlement business
  • Management and Technology development related to business, Education and information sharing for the purposes of measuring the dissemination of knowledge in the association as a service business
  • Benefits program business